William J. Parker

Bill is a Principal Consultant with WY & Esther Engineers and brings over 40 years’ experience in project management as a contractor and development professional. His focus is to ensure that constructability remains central to our design projects, to lead our client advisory services and to set up projects from a management and execution perspective. He is often referred to as “the professor of high-rise construction” on account of his record of constructing some of the tallest towers globally.

He has previously managed and led large projects in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America and has developed his skill-set in a career that has included very senior roles in Construction, Project Management, Development Management, Design & Build and most recently Consulting Project Development and Technology Implementation.

Bill’s experience has allowed him to develop an innovative approach across design, development and contracting within property development and construction, with a focus on communication and partnering strategies. Working closely with clients, contractors and consultants, he has delivered results that have ensured cost effective and time effective project progress, i.e. “win-win” outcomes. View Linked-In Page

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