Private House in Alimos in Athens, Greece

Private House in Alimos

Private House in Alimos in Athens, Greece

This house is located in the hills of suburban Athens and was designed with the aim of providing 180o views of the sea from an extended rooftop lounge and deck.

The design was initially met with scepticism from the neighbourhood but when complete has become somewhat of a feature in the area and was selected as Greece’s entry for the Mies Van Der Rohe award in 2013.

The complexity associated with integrating structure and fabric called for a very close collaboration between engineer and architect from the initial concept and throughout the design life of the of the project. It required an in-depth understanding of each other’s aspirations, limitations and constraints, with the finished product being an intricately engineered solution.

This building is in many ways the architectural expression of its structure with a purity of form derived from the simple load path created to support the large overhang.

This expression of structure called for the careful detailing of the exposed elements and their connection to ensure these complement the simple but bold lines that define the building.

Architect / Owner:
Thanassis Kalogiannis of AKKM.

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